Louis (Deceased)

Human Priest


Louis the the royal priest of the Kingdom of Korswen. He is about 60 years old and is very talented in life magic skills. He will offer healing in his church inside the Castle of Korswen for 50 gold coins. He is essential for the quest the Night Reaper and must not be killed before the quest is started. If Charisma is above 8, then Louis will become a follower for this quest.

Steel Dagger
Enchanted Staff of Luminous Luxuries
Holy Symbol


ATK: 5
DEF: 5
MAG: 19
AGL: 11
CHA: 13
HP: 10

Heals HP of any character fully to their max HP stat. Costs 50 g.p.
Louis CANNOT heal while in a catacomb.
Louis can sell the player spells that deal with the forces of life

All cost 100 g.p.
(Restore Health)
This spell can heal a players Hitpoints by 3 but can only be used once per turn. Costs 50 points of Mana.

(Destroy Other)
This spell will destroy a life force anywhere within 3 spaces of you. Costs all of your mana and can only be used once per session.

(Spawn Holy Swordsman)
This spell will bring a late swordsman from heaven into the mortal world to fight for you. It has 10 for every battle stat and 10 HP. Cost 50 mana and lasts for 5 turns.

(Revive Other)
This spell will bring a dead adventurer back to life but with half of their maximum stats. Costs all of your mana, and can only be used once per session.

(Raw Power of Justice)
This spell will boost your ATK and DEF damage by 5 for 3 turns. Costs 50 mana.

(Enchant Staff: Light)
This spell is consumable and is used to enchant a staff with the ability to luminate 3 spaces around you.


Louis was raised by elves all his life. He was adopted by a loving elf family and moved to Korswen when his hometown was raided by bandits. When he reached the age of 20 his adopting father died from a rare parasite that only affected elves. Louis was so grief-stricken,he went to the nearby monastary in the Red-Bark forest and learned the ways of life magic, devoting his life to it. When he was age 35, he was offered a place in the royal court as the healer and now heals to royal family as well as the common farmer or adventurer that strolls through the city.

Louis (Deceased)

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