Nawen (Deceased)

White-River Elf


ATK: 4
DEF: 16
MAG: 15
AGL: 11
CHA: 12
HTP: 10


Nawen is the Blacksmith and has been a blacksmith since the day she was born. Her parents were smiths and they crafted one of the most deadly swords known to elven-kind. She can craft any weapon or staff know to her. Recently, her shop has seen less customers since the opening of the Red-Bark, blacksmith down the road from hers. She wishes that she could put them out of buisness but has no possible way to do it without being detected and noted for the deed. Nawen is also happily married to Isramir.

Will offer ATK training for 1000 g.p. per Level

Unfortunaley, she commited suicide by stabbing herself in the neck with a fork.

Nawen (Deceased)

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