The Raven


His orignal name was Gonan Swiftsword, he grew up in a half-ling village near the city of Dillrun. His family hated him all his life and his father tried to kill him when he was 15. Gonan, then lived for 3 years under his mother’s roof until Gonan decided to slay his father. Gonan killed his father with a dagger, and lived in seculsion for years underneath Korswem. His friends labeled him with the name Shadow, because he was rarely seen around the kingdom, thus the name Shadow.

Leader of the Korswen Assassin’s Guild. He will give players various contracts to kill various characters for gold coins. His targets are random at choice and if accepted must be completed.

Shadow is a hater of all magic and refuses to accept magic-users in the Guild.

The Raven

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