Magic Weapons

Staffs and Wands


Magic weapons will be used by mages to cast spells from. They will do X damage where X is equal to the damage listed in the spell description. A mage cannot cast a spell without a magic weapon unless they are Sorcerer Rank.

Staffs cost 200 g.p.
Wands cost 200 g.p.

They can be bought from a court mage or a mage’s magic supply store across Sparavon.


Staffs and Wands create a sense of authority for mages. Any staff or wand will have a name given to it by the mage that was it’s first owner. They can be crafted by using a stick with an enchanted gem. The gem’s enchantment will decide the name of your staff,you can nominate a name, or you can ask a court mage for a recommendation on a name for your staff.

Magic Weapons

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