The Standard Melee Weapon

weapon (melee)

A sword or other type of melee weapon should be a choice starter for a new adventurer. Swords are the foundation of melee and do a variety of damage based on the metal the sword is made out of.

Swords are currently available in the following metals:

  • Iron
  • Steel
  • Cobalt
  • Chrome
  • Red-Bark
  • Elven

Sword Prices
Starting with the Iron Sword,which costs 100 g.p. Each level of metal is 50 g.p. above its previous level. So Steel would cost 150,Cobalt 200, etc.

For 2/h add 100 g.p. on top of its base price.


All normal typed swords can be found at any blacksmith when the Level requirement is met to recieve the sword. Swords can be crafted by combining 2 Ingots of a choice metal and a Sword Hilt to roll a 20 sided dice. If higher than 10, the sword is crafted and put into inventory unless otherwise specified. Swords are slso available in Two Handed form which require twice the amount of ingots that a normal sword would take to craft.


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