Scrolls of Sparavon

Year 1 Month 2

By joining the assassins, Woric has gained access to the Korswen Assassin’s Guild and has killed the vast majority of Korswen. Since then, the city has became a ghost town, deserted, left for bandits to plunder. As a result, the assassin’s guild fell apart, Shadow has been killed, and the rest of the remaining leaders and members of the guild have spread out all through the various cities. Woric is now living in exile trying to seek shelter in one of the other neighboring cities in Sparavon.

Year 1 Month 1

On the very first month in the world of Sparavon, 2 very brave adventurers were introduced to the harsh, lonley environment of Korswen. The locals are unfriendly and are hard to convince. But fortuneatly for Woric, he was able to get the information he needed from the bartender. Woric went on a noble quest while Jayco sat in the Chrome Tankard, waiting for a quest. During the quest Woric found a amulet with the ability to slay others just by wearing it. He slew Nawen, the city blacksmith for her store and home. He also accidently allowed Louis to get hit by a poison arrow in the catacombs. On his way back from the potion shop, Woric was greeted by a man by the name of “The Shadow”. He knew about Woric’s evil deed and offered him a place among his assassin organization. He agreed and had the pleasure of murdering his friend Jayco. Now he now serves as Killer for the Shadow Assassin Group. Who will he strike next? This will remain to be seen……

Welcome to the world of Jimmy’s RPG Our story begins in the city of Korswen. A town near the edge of the Red-Bark Forest. Elvish in nature, with a tiny bit of Half-ling Influence. Recently, the city has been dealing with problems of certain items turning up, missing. Swords, heirlooms, potions, gems, and even trees have been missing from the city. There used to be 10 Red-Bark trees inside the city walls. Now there is only 1.

This has effected everyone in the town and especially the bartender Olodric in the Chrome Tankard.


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